• Agent qualifications and requirements (Retail ,wholesale)
    • a. Have a fixed distribution area of more than 20㎡, and a stable sales channel.
      b. Have more than 1 year of distribution experience in related industries.
      c. There is no exclusive agency in the distribution area.
      d. To meet the agency purchase volume requirements.
      e. Have self-motivated and good commercial character, recognized Vention brand culture.
  • Agent application qualifications and requirements( E-Commerce)
    • a. The store has more than 4 diamonds, and the online store's favorable rate is above 95%. The DSR
      must not be lower than 4.8.
      b. Familiar with online shop operation process and operation, professional fixed operation team and art
      c. Customer service team.
      d. Strict implementation of our distribution price system and system.
      e. Agree with Vention product concept, willing to grow together.
  • Contact detail
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