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  • internet ethernet cable

    How to Layout and Wire Internet Ethernet Cable in House?

    The strong/weak-current cables simply are different in the working voltage and carrying current. Generally, we call the signal and control cable with voltage below 38v as weak-current cable, it includes telephone line, internet ethernet cable or lan cable, while the strong-current cable is mainly a power cable for transmitting electric power. Weak-current cable can be widely used for smart appliances, as homes become more intelligent, the layout of weak-current cables need to be improved. Here are basic points that need to pay attention to in cable layout and wiring.

  • Buy a 10 ft ethernet cable or make an ethernet cable.

    Buy or DIY an 10 ft Ethernet Cable?

    After reading this article, you can make your own network cable. Understand the principle of RJ45 plug to understand the principle of network cable:

  • Ethernet to usb c

    How to Use an Ethernet to USB-C Adapter?

    Ethernet to usb c adapter is mainly used in some of the devices without network interface signal conversion. With miniaturization and simplification of devices, some devices are equipped with only a standard USB interface, while others such as a network port, a serial port, a parallel port, or a VGA port are not equipped. If you need to use these interfaces, you can buy an Ethernet to usb c adapter into a network port, serial port and so on.

  • Four kinds of flame retardant materials for the cat 6a lan cable.

    Four Kinds of Flame Retardant Materials for the Cat 6a Lan Cable

    3, CMR LSZH. People like to use this cable. This material will burn itself out after a period of burning.. Subtle smoke, the role of significant contrast, the current domestic and foreign customers are more like this cable. Where to buy ethernet cable?

  • cat5e patch cable

    What’s the Cat5e / Cat6 Patch Cable Length?

    Where to buy network cable??Vention's cable is your best bet. Outdoor network cable suitable for outdoor overhead and pipeline use of the cable, outdoor network cable has two layers of wrapping, the outer layer is thick PVC protective layer, the inner layer is a layer of tough PE sheath. The outdoor cable can be waterproof and sunscreen.

  • cat6 patch cable

    How to Choose Your Ethernet Cables?

    How to choose a more suitable cable? You have to know the basic cable info like ethernet categories and labels, wire materials, wire winder density, etc, before buying an ethernet cable. And it would be easier after reading the guide below.

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